October 22, 2018

Please join us for Sunday Worship Services


10:00 a.m. Worship

with Holy Communion


9:00 a.m. Learning Hour

for Adults & Confirmation Class


8922 Little River Turnpike
Fairfax, VA 22031
Office: 703-978-3131

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Featured Reflection

A highlight from our monthly newsletter


Big Challenges AND Good Things Happening at BLC!

Did you know that BLC has been operating “in the red” for the past several years—including this year?  We are spending more than the income received—drawing from whatever reserves remain from earlier years.  The effort just a few years ago to pay down the mortgage did help a lot with our cash flow, but we've got a significant shortage in regular giving (about $20,000 for 2018).  Obviously, we've got some big challenges there.   


But, look at all the good things happening at Bethlehem these days!  Take your pick:   Children leading us from worship into the world playing their musical instruments….  Challenging and inspiring sermons…. Quilts everywhere—showing BLC much community support and underscoring the conviction that love conquers hate….  Small group meetings in our houses so that Pastor Dan and members of the congregation can get to know each other better… Pastor meeting with the leaders of the churches that enjoy the use of BLC facilities….   Also having introductory meetings with pastors of neighboring churches …   Numerous steps taken to make BLC more safe and secure…  Lutheran Social Services partnering with BLC and setting up some offices in our building….  New Christian Education opportunities for both children and adults…. Freshly painted walls throughout our ground floor…   Pondering and praying about Mission and Vision…  Excitement….


Everything we are and have is given to us by God—to use wisely and share graciously.  This fall there will be new emphasis on stewardship, including conversations, temple talks, and the opportunity to pledge to the 2019 BLC budget.    


But even BEFORE the new year, please prayerfully consider offering a gift of thanksgiving to God through BLC.   



-           Dave Hartmann


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